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Hataka - Orange Line Lacquer based Paint Sets

HTK-CS70 Modern RAF Vol 3

HTK-CS70 Modern RAF Vol 3

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Standard colours of RAF training aircraft since 1950s

Contains the following colours (lacquer based paints, optimised for use with airbrush):

HTK-C003 – Silver – Also known as „High Speed Silver”, overall colour of RAF trainers until 1966 (with yellow or day-glo orange elements)

HTK-C194 – Luminous Orange – Also known as „Day-Glo Orange”, used on RAF trainers for high-visibility markings over Silver or LAG airframe colour

HTK-C217 – BS Light Aircraft Grey – BS381C:627, overall colour of RAF trainers after 1966 (with day-glo parts). Later used for wings in „tricolor scheme”

HTK-C101 – Traffic White – Used on RAF trainers in „tricolor scheme” for upper body and tail (early-1970s to 1990) and fuselage stripe (till 1998)

HTK-C276 – BS Signal Red – BS381C:537, used for lower fuselage and wingtips of RAF training aircraft in „tricolor scheme” (early-1970s to 1998)

HTK-C277 – BS Roundel Blue – BS381C:110, used for aircraft spine and tail of RAF training aircraft in modified „tricolour scheme” (from 1990 to 1998)

HTK-C100 – Jet Black / Night – Exact match with BS381C:642, since 1998 overall colour of RAF trainers (BAe Hawk, Short Tucano and helicopters)

HTK-C275 – BS Golden Yellow – BS381C:356, in 1950s for „training bands” on RAF trainers. Engine cowling colour of training helis after 1998

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